7 Tips To Promote Your Affiliate Product With Facebook Page

7 Tips To Promote Your Affiliate Product With Facebook Page

Affiliate Marketing

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to promote your affiliate products. Do you want to generate sales from your affiliate marketing promotion easily? You can try using Facebook page to help promote your affiliate landing page. Here are 7 tips to promote your affiliate product with Facebook page:

1. Reward Your Facebook Fans

You can grow your Facebook fan base by rewarding those who decide to follow and like your page. How? You can do that by giving free stuff such as free report or something else to encourage your audience to follow you on Facebook. In this way, people will get motivated to follow your updates on Facebook.

2. Direct Your Facebook Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

It is better for you not to send your audience directly to your affiliate sales page through your Facebook page. It will decrease your conversion rate quickly. You should direct your Facebook traffic to your squeeze page instead, where you ask your audience to subscribe to your mailing list. Then, you can direct your traffic directly from your mailing list to your affiliate sales page.

3. Create a Relevant Facebook Page

If you are promoting a product called “Lose Weight In A Week Program,” then you should create a page on Facebook that is relevant with the theme of this product. For instance, you can create a page titled “Quick Weight Loss Tips For Pregnant Mom.” Make sure that your page offers useful tips and information related to the product that you are promoting.

4. Make Your Page Fun And Inspiring

In order for you to keep your audience following you on Facebook, you have to make your page fun and inspiring. Post updates that will inspire your audience and give them hope to solve their problem. Moreover, you have to post funny stuff often, as it will make your page look more appealing for your audience.

5. Organize Your Page Properly

Organize the sections of your Facebook page properly. Just be sure to make your page as accessible as possible. Avoid confusing your audience with too many tabs and links in your page. Instead, make your page look simple and easy to navigate. In this way, people will feel comfortable browsing your Facebook page and they will enjoy their stay.

6. Use Link Cloaking Service To Hide Your Affiliate Links

Don’t put your affiliate link in your Facebook page. It is better for you to use link cloaking service to hide your affiliate links. Why is it important? That’s because in this way, your audience will not notice that you are referring them to an affiliate product. Also, you can track your clicks using free link cloaking service and analyse your conversion rate.

7. Post To Your Page Frequently With Valuable Updates

The last tip that you should follow is to post to your page as often as possible, and be sure to post only valuable updates to your page. When you post to your page frequently, your audience will keep their engagement with your page. If you are not posting to your page often, your audience will soon forget about your page and leave it. So, in order to keep good traffic coming to your page, you need to post to your page frequently with valuable updates.

Those are some tips that you should follow in order to promote your affiliate product successfully with Facebook page.

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Different ways of earning money online?

Different ways of earning money online?

Make Money

Earning online has never been so easy. Technology has made it possible that someone with a computer and an internet can earn substantial income online. And we are not talking about a couple of dollars here and there. We are talking about a complete substitute of your regular 9-5 job! Yes, if you are talented and committed to work hard, then it’s very much possible that you do not have to even step outside your sweet home to make a living! Here are some of the ways, by which you can earn online:

1. Rendering service in your area of expertise – If you are a writer or a programmer or are qualified in any other stream, then the best way to earn online is by start rendering your service to others. There are sites like odesk, where you can build your profile and follow the instructions which these kinds of sites regularly sends via email to find the takers of your service. Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are equally helpful in promoting yourself and of course, your service.

2. Running an online business – If you already have a business and are planning to take it online, then this is the right time for it. You will be surprised that you can increase your sales drastically by effectively using your online presence. Social networks play a crucial role here as well and a little knowledge of SEO and online promotion would also be helpful for you.

3. Affiliate Marketing – If you are good at marketing, then affiliate marketing would be the best option for you. The best thing here is that you need not to own a product to sell it. Rather, you sell other’s products and simply pocket a handsome commission on every sale. The better part is that most of the affiliate programs are eager to recruit talent marketers and you do not have to pay anything for registering with them. Sales can pay up to 75 % commission of some products (mostly digital). Apart from it physical products too pay a good commission. Sites like ClickBank, CommsionJunction, eBay , Amazon etc can do wonders to your Affiliate carrier!

Even if you do not have any particular expertise, but are hard working and ready to learn, you can still make a useful income online. You can start with smaller and less paid tasks and gradually learn the stuff which interests you and then master it. Once you make a name for yourself on the net, you will have enough work at all time and would be able to work as a freelancer.

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