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The Most Common Ways to Make Money With AI for Beginners and Not

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more common in the commercial world. It assists entrepreneurs with a variety of tasks, including data analysis, content creation, and marketing strategy development. As a result, it has developed as a fantastic way to optimize business processes and eventually save money. Because artificial intelligence is a new technology, its implementation can be perplexing for some, while it can offer others terrific opportunities to make money. Whether you are a professional in the AI sector or just a beginner there are methods you can use to exploit AI power for your own gain.

How to Make Money With AI as a Novice

1. Produce AI Content

Maybe you are already producing content. Content monetization is a common approach to earning money online. To earn a consistent stream of money, you must publish unique and compelling content on a regular basis. AI-powered tools can improve the efficiency of your creativity, research, and writing processes.

Solutions like Jasper, for example, may generate material for a variety of platforms, such as a blog post, an Instagram caption, or a YouTube script. ChatGPT and Jasper Chat are both AI-powered chatbots. Both make use of the GPT 3.5 language model. The main distinction is that Jasper offers templates for creating detailed material. Simply enter a detailed question, and the application will generate the content for you. If you don’t like it, Jasper can renew it to suit your tastes.

You may also use AI-generated art from platforms like DALL-E to add visual components to your blog entries. This is an excellent option for individuals who don’t have the funds for a professional artist but need a quick illustration.

Keep in mind, though, that AI-generated content still necessitates human editing and moderation. Carefully check your content before publishing it to verify that you are providing valid and reliable information to your audiences.

You can also think about selling your AI-generated content. For example, there are now AI design tools that make it simple for anyone to create AI Art. Artists typically devote hours, days, or even weeks to crafting a single work of art. They must develop a concept, make artwork, and then find a means to sell it. AI art generators can produce one-of-a-kind works of art in minutes. The best ones allow you to iterate on an image until it is perfect. It may appear to be a hack, but making visuals that people want to buy with AI is a difficult process. Artificial intelligence art is definitely emerging on the scene, creating new opportunities and outlets in the art industry.

Creating music or background tracks for videos, games, or other media is also in high demand. AI music generators such as AIVA or Mubert can help with this process by generating unique tracks in seconds. These artificial intelligence tools can generate music in a variety of styles and moods, allowing you to create the perfect tune for any project. They can also assist you in experimenting with various musical ideas, thereby speeding up the composition process.

You can use freelance markets like Fiverr to sell your works to larger audiences than you expected.

2. Use AI to Create Online Courses

If you are already producing content, you may want to do that in a more methodical way. Aside from establishing yourself as an expert in your profession, providing online courses is a great way to make money. It is feasible to improve how you offer and sell your classes with the help of AI software in order to attract more consumers. You can begin the market research step by utilizing AI technologies.

Consider using ChatGPT to learn about the best programming languages, for example, if you are already a programmer and want to design a coding course. The AI tool can make suggestions for subjects and content. Furthermore, some AI software allows you to produce attractive marketing copy that delivers unique value propositions to customers, assisting you in selling courses online.

3. Offer Translation Services

Translation services represent another opportunity in high demand as organizations try to reach the global market. Human translation, on the other hand, can be time-consuming and costly, especially for big text to translate. Artificial intelligence translation techniques dramatically accelerate the translation process. While not always perfect, they can serve as a decent starting point for human translators, saving them time and effort. Instead of solely AI or human translation services, you may offer a competitive mix of both to customers. Use AI to accomplish the majority of the work, but use your multilingual skills to add a whole new level of precision.

4. Become a Professional Photo Editor

Usually, professional photo editing is a time-consuming procedure that necessitates a strong eye for detail as well as a thorough mastery of numerous editing tools and techniques. It entails improving colors, changing lighting, deleting unneeded features, and other tasks. Depending on the complexity of the image and the level of detail required, this procedure can take hours.

AI picture enhancers such as Topaz Photo AI, Adobe Photoshop – Generative Fill, and Luminar can greatly accelerate this process. They can enhance colors, alter lighting, and even delete undesired parts automatically. AI image upscalers are now available to add high quality to pixelated photos. This means you’ll be able to edit more photos in less time without sacrificing quality. Bulk editing is also possible, allowing you to apply a specific style to hundreds of documents using AI.

This is a profitable possibility because there is an increasing need for professional picture editing services, from businesses that need product photos to individuals who want to improve their personal/professional image. If you’re a photographer or a graphic designer, AI photo enhancers can help you raise your productivity and take on more clients.

5. Become a Professional Video Editor

Making compelling social media videos is an important tactic for many brands and influencers. However, video editing can be difficult for many people to master. Trimming footage, adding effects and transitions, and syncing audio are all too difficult for many individuals since they require both software and skill. Even before AI, video editing was typically outsourced to specialists with the necessary resources.

AI video editing technologies such as FlexClip can help automate much of this process. They can generate and edit your footage by analyzing it, selecting the best bits, and adding effects and transitions.

6. Use AI to Create an Engaging and Optimized Website

Running your own website provides several options to earn money. A professional-looking website is a wonderful medium for reaching new audiences and customers online, whether you want to sell things, monetize content through online advertising, or join an affiliate network. Because of the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, it is now easier than ever to establish your own website and make money from it, regardless of your technical expertise.

AI can develop amazing designs, write landing page copy, and generally take the sting out of constructing a site from the ground up. There are numerous AI WordPress plugins and AI website builders available that make site creation and management simple. Many website builders incorporate AI-powered capabilities that make it much easier to design a site. For example, ChatGPT can be also used to develop a website and get feedback on its structure, design, and operation. Divi AI, which adds remarkable AI capabilities to WordPress’s most powerful visual editor, is a must-try.

7. Use AI for Freelance Coding and Web Design

Consider employing AI tools to streamline your work process if you want to do freelance coding or design. Natural language processing (NLP) is the foundation of ChatGPT’s AI system, which may assist you with a variety of laborious coding jobs. For example, NLP-based software is a great way to speed up the time-consuming process of code documentation. It may generate documentation automatically based on your comments or natural language descriptions of the code.

You can also employ AI applications to assist you in your research. To overcome problems in their programs, developers frequently need to hunt for code snippets or libraries. It is easy to acquire recommendations to solve the problem with artificial intelligence. Furthermore, NLP AI technology can assist in analyzing and reviewing your code comments in order to discover potential flaws or areas for improvement.

AI code aides, such as Copilot, can considerably accelerate any coding process. They offer real-time code suggestions, automate repetitive activities, and even assist you in debugging your code. This means you can create a software product more quickly and with fewer faults.

8. Work as a Freelance Digital Marketer

Digital marketing necessitates a diverse set of abilities. It’s a more complex process to master since it necessitates a thorough understanding of various platforms, channels, and strategies and how they all work together. Many marketing tasks can definitely be automated with AI marketing solutions.

They can assist you in developing marketing campaigns, analyzing results, and optimizing/iterating your strategy based on predictive analytics. Small business owners frequently recognize the need for assistance but lack the time to master new skills or technologies. AI-Assisted Social Media Management Businesses can assist in contacting a target audience and enhance sales, thus they represent certainly a valuable instrument to master to make money online.

9. Offer SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex undertaking that entails optimizing a website in order for it to rank higher on search engines. It necessitates a thorough knowledge of search engine algorithms, keyword research, and content optimization. This process can take a long time, especially for huge websites. AI SEO solutions like as SEMrush, SurferSEO, and AlliSEO can aid in this process. They can execute keyword research, optimize content, and track results in a fraction of the time that a human would. They can also assist with more difficult activities like link development and technical SEO. Because there is a strong need for SEO services, this is a profitable potential. AI tools can help SEO practitioners enhance productivity and attract more clients.

10. Become an AI-powered Social Media Manager

Most people find social media management to be a laborious task. Those who manage a business, in particular, do not want to spend all of their time worrying about social media. It necessitates a comprehensive understanding of platforms, content generation, and community management. Artificial intelligence social media management systems can automate the creation and scheduling of posts, overall easing the social media marketing process. Many AI social solutions can also assist with inboxes and statistics. AI has the potential to improve virtually every aspect of social networking. AI solutions can help social media managers enhance productivity and attract more clientele. Try Ocoya for organic social and Adzooma for paid social to see how it simplifies everything.

11. Become an AI-Powered Affiliate Marketer

For years, affiliate marketing, the practice of receiving a fee by advertising the products of other companies, has been a solid way to make money online. However, the market is competitive, and standing out can be difficult. AI is definitely revolutionizing the affiliate marketing game. It can assist you in finding good things to promote, creating videos or email marketing, and automating internal linking. To use AI for affiliate marketing, all you need is an affiliate website and an AI writer.

12. Become an Affiliate of an AI Company

If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, joining an affiliate program for an AI product can be a terrific way to gain money. You can sell AI-related products and services such as machine learning software, data analytics, and cloud-based infrastructure solutions. Joining an affiliate program allows you to capitalize on current market trends and use them to generate money. The partner company will provide you with useful resources like marketing materials, customer care support, and even product discounts to leverage your marketing efforts. These tools can assist you greatly in optimizing your promotional campaigns and reaching a larger audience.

13. Become a Chatbot Installer

Another service you can offer is helping companies with the installation and confìiguration of AI chatbots. Customer service is an essential component of any organization. However, dealing with client inquiries can be time-consuming and expensive. AI chatbots can handle client inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving immediate responses and saving up time for your team to focus on more complicated duties. They can answer frequently asked questions, walk users through processes, and even help with sales and reservations.

This is a profitable potential because organizations are constantly looking for methods to improve customer service and efficiency. You can provide AI chatbot configuration if you’re a new developer or don’t mind learning conversational AI technology. Chatbase and Botsonic may be useful in this case.

14. Become an Optimizer of Sales Operations

From managing leads and tracking sales to reviewing performance statistics, sales operations include a lot of repetitive labor. It’s a time-consuming process that can take away from salespeople’s ability to create relationships and close agreements. Many sales and management tasks can be automated using AI sales solutions such as Gong,, or Sendspark. They can assist in the management of leads, the tracking of sales, the analysis of performance data, and even the provision of recommendations for better sales techniques.

Many organizations are unaware of what is available to them, and those who are aware confront a high learning curve when it comes to using complex AI tools in their sales operations. This is a profitable potential because organizations are constantly looking for methods to enhance sales and improve efficiency. Even as a beginner, you can consult organizations on the technology and even offer to build sales operational tools as a service if you master a few AI sales platforms.

How to Make Money With AI as an Expert

Although using existing products to make money is a reasonable approach, and absolutely makes sense for beginners and not very tech experts, AI technology offers far greater potential. Experts who understand artificial intelligence better will be able to capitalize on additional opportunities to create income from this technology.

1. Develop and Market AI-Enabled Products

Given the popularity of artificial intelligence solutions, developing and selling your own AI-based products can be a terrific idea. However, developing AI software is a time-consuming and complex process. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to machine learning algorithms. Consider employing a freely accessible application programming interface (API). You can use a variety of APIs to develop your product, including:

OpenAI – Father of ChatGPT, DALL-E, the OpenAI API includes a huge number of large language models for creating text, pictures, and translating.
Google Cloud AI – It is a set of machine learning services for developing intelligent apps. Natural language processing, translation, vision, and speech-to-text capability are among the services offered.
Amazon Web Services AI – It provides a variety of machine learning services, such as computer vision, speech recognition, and language translation.
TensorFlow – It is an open-source machine learning framework developed by Google. It includes a plethora of machine-learning tools and algorithms for applications such as image categorization and natural language processing.

Each AI is unique, and some APIs may need additional training data to increase their accuracy for certain use cases. The amount of data required is determined by the API used. As a result, it’s always a good idea to check over the API documentation and test the tool with your individual use case to see if you need further training data.

2. Provide AI Consulting Services

Another way for an artificial intelligence expert to earn money is to provide advisory services to bigger corporations. Because AI is a relatively new technology, many organizations are still unsure how to use it effectively. To accomplish this, you must have a thorough understanding of both the AI system and the client’s business strategy.

AI consulting jobs are in high demand right now. In the United States, the total pay for an AI consultant is around $150,000. Additional compensation may include a monetary incentive, a commission, tips, and profit sharing. AI consultation services can be definitely a lucrative business with the correct experience, plan, and approach.

AI consulting begins by determining what a client wishes to improve. Examine their current systems, procedures, and challenges to discover areas where AI integration could be beneficial and increase efficiency. Following that, create a proposal outlining your potential AI integration services. This may include the precise technology and tools you want to utilize, the implementation timetable, and the expected results.

3. Offer AI Integration Services

Machine learning and AI automation services can assist a variety of businesses, including finance, healthcare, and retail. Offering AI integration services to businesses as someone with a thorough understanding of the technology is a fantastic method to make money. Artificial intelligence can also help businesses improve their business intelligence.

Brands operating online marketing initiatives, for example, rely on knowing customer behavior. To increase customer, market, and trend identification, you can incorporate AI’s predictive analytics into the system. An agency could also use NLP models to examine customer evaluations and feedback in order to find similar themes and feelings. This might assist companies in developing ad copy that relates to the specific demands and areas of their target audience.

Machine learning can be used by retail businesses to give AI chatbots to their customer care channels. You can train the AI to recognize keywords in client messages and respond with responses from a library of frequently asked questions. AI can also use consumer data to offer recommendations and promote appropriate products based on consumers’ purchase history, search history, and other preferences.

4. Invest in AI-Focussed Companies or Funds

Investing in an AI-focused business is another option, in this case for finance experts. Many AI firms are forming as the popularity of AI grows, and they require capital to thrive. Investors can earn good returns over time as artificial intelligence technology becomes more widely available. Furthermore, these investments might provide diversification benefits, which may lower risk. However, investing in businesses is a complicated process that necessitates a thorough understanding of the market.

Before investing in artificial intelligence, make sure you do your homework. Just because a firm or product incorporates AI does not imply that it will be a profitable venture, or won’t fail before succeeding. Take your time analyzing the company and product basics. Remember, that all investments are risky, and, if you are not an expert, you should seek the advice of an independent financial counselor first.


Artificial intelligence-powered tools can assist workers from many industries and technical backgrounds in automating portions of their job processes, saving them time and money and offering some opportunities to profit.

Beginners with low technical knowledge of AI technology can use numerous AI tools and platforms to assist with side hustles such as content creation, website design, online courses, freelance coding, and becoming AI product affiliates. Experts with a deeper understanding of the technology, on the other hand, can use it to develop more advanced solutions.

Whatever strategy you use, understanding how technology works is critical to spotting opportunities. AI is certainly a potent instrument that will leverage your efforts in whatever you do. It has the potential to make you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. It’s not a quick-rich plan though. AI works best when combined with solid business concepts and old-fashioned hard work. It will help you be better at what you’re already good at. Consider it an enhancer.

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