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Selecting a Successful Clickbank Affiliate Program

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Do you understand how to pick a successful Clickbank affiliate program? It’s quite helpful to have reliable criteria you can use to assess whether the program will be profitable for you if you’re going to promote a product. Gravity score, the level of competition, the sales letter, the payout, and the price are a few of the important factors you should consider. To find out exactly what to look for in each area, keep reading.

Gravity Score

It’s preferable to market goods with a gravity range of 20 to 50 for beginners. There are products that have a history of being strong sellers, although there isn’t a ton of competition. You should aim for products like these.

Aim for the 50+ gravity range as you gain more experience. You should never set your sights lower than 20, as the majority of those products simply won’t generate any revenue for you.

Check the sales letter

The product may have a decent gravity, but it doesn’t guarantee that it will sell for you. Vendors will occasionally use affiliate accounts to promote their own products in order to artificially improve their Gravity scores.

Examine the sales letter and make your own judgment regarding whether you believe the product will be successful.

Payout and Price

What does the product payout and how much does it cost? As an affiliate, you ought to seek out goods that pay at least $20 for each transaction. Anything less than that usually isn’t worthwhile of your time.

Unbelievably, selling a high-ticket item is just as simple as selling a low-ticket item. If there are products that range in price from $97 to $197. It’s generally a better idea to promote those products than a $40 product if you can locate one that you think you can market and has a gravity of above 20.


Continuity is another aspect to consider in addition to payout and price. Continuity is essentially a membership program that pays commission on a monthly basis.

Again, selling a product without continuity requires approximately the same amount of work as selling one with it. With continuity, though, you continue to be compensated.


Exists any competition among those who carry out your work? You actually desire some competition in your market, despite what you might think. That typically signifies that others are getting paid to perform what you’re thinking about doing.

For instance, you might want to see other advertisers selling hypnosis eBooks on Google Ads if you intend to advertise a hypnosis product there. If there are no rivals, then there is a good possibility that it has already been tried and failed.

Having said that, you don’t want to enter a crowded market either. It’s almost as awful to have no competitors as to have too many.

To summarize

In conclusion, you’re seeking a product with a decent sales letter, a medium gravity, a high payment, and some competitors. If you can combine all of these elements, you’ll have a really good product that you can start making money off of.

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