7 Tips To Promote Your Affiliate Product With Facebook Page

7 Tips To Promote Your Affiliate Product With Facebook Page

Affiliate Marketing

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to promote your affiliate products. Do you want to generate sales from your affiliate marketing promotion easily? You can try using Facebook page to help promote your affiliate landing page. Here are 7 tips to promote your affiliate product with Facebook page:

1. Reward Your Facebook Fans

You can grow your Facebook fan base by rewarding those who decide to follow and like your page. How? You can do that by giving free stuff such as free report or something else to encourage your audience to follow you on Facebook. In this way, people will get motivated to follow your updates on Facebook.

2. Direct Your Facebook Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

It is better for you not to send your audience directly to your affiliate sales page through your Facebook page. It will decrease your conversion rate quickly. You should direct your Facebook traffic to your squeeze page instead, where you ask your audience to subscribe to your mailing list. Then, you can direct your traffic directly from your mailing list to your affiliate sales page.

3. Create a Relevant Facebook Page

If you are promoting a product called “Lose Weight In A Week Program,” then you should create a page on Facebook that is relevant with the theme of this product. For instance, you can create a page titled “Quick Weight Loss Tips For Pregnant Mom.” Make sure that your page offers useful tips and information related to the product that you are promoting.

4. Make Your Page Fun And Inspiring

In order for you to keep your audience following you on Facebook, you have to make your page fun and inspiring. Post updates that will inspire your audience and give them hope to solve their problem. Moreover, you have to post funny stuff often, as it will make your page look more appealing for your audience.

5. Organize Your Page Properly

Organize the sections of your Facebook page properly. Just be sure to make your page as accessible as possible. Avoid confusing your audience with too many tabs and links in your page. Instead, make your page look simple and easy to navigate. In this way, people will feel comfortable browsing your Facebook page and they will enjoy their stay.

6. Use Link Cloaking Service To Hide Your Affiliate Links

Don’t put your affiliate link in your Facebook page. It is better for you to use link cloaking service to hide your affiliate links. Why is it important? That’s because in this way, your audience will not notice that you are referring them to an affiliate product. Also, you can track your clicks using free link cloaking service and analyse your conversion rate.

7. Post To Your Page Frequently With Valuable Updates

The last tip that you should follow is to post to your page as often as possible, and be sure to post only valuable updates to your page. When you post to your page frequently, your audience will keep their engagement with your page. If you are not posting to your page often, your audience will soon forget about your page and leave it. So, in order to keep good traffic coming to your page, you need to post to your page frequently with valuable updates.

Those are some tips that you should follow in order to promote your affiliate product successfully with Facebook page.

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5 Tips to Make Your Followers Like Your Facebook Post Immediately

5 Tips to Make Your Followers Like Your Facebook Post Immediately

Social Media

Here’s the problem. You have a Facebook page, and you are updating your page regularly with fresh content. You have decent amount of followers, let’s say 500+ followers, but they are so cold toward your Facebook posts. They ignore it all the time. They don’t react positively toward it. They don’t even like it. Every post that you publish just go down your Facebook timeline with very little or zero response. What’s wrong? Can you fix it? Yes, you can fix it. You can make your followers to start liking your Facebook post. And once they do that, they’ll start commenting on it. Then, you’ll build healthy discussion on your page. Your followers will start sharing your content and you will attract more followers to your page as a result. Do you want to learn how to do it? Here are 5 killer tips to make your followers like your Facebook post immediately:

1. Don’t Circle around Your Own World

When you write a new content for your Facebook page, you have to think outside of your own little world. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes, and you have your own likes and dislikes as well. So does your audience. The problem here is that when you keep on feeding your audience with your own likes and dislikes, without giving them anything of value. The thing that you like might be valuable for you, but not for your audience. So, stop posting things that only appeal to your interest. You have to post with your audience in mind. What do they like? That’s what you post.

2. Take Care of Your Audience’s Interests

No matter how small your current follower base on Facebook, you can always grow it into a bigger number. But, only if you can understand about what your followers want from you. Remember that people are following your Facebook page for specific reason. They want important and valuable updates from you. That’s what interests them in the first place. They want you to give them information that they can really use. Not the information that you can use, but the information that they can use. Always appeal to your audience’s interests in your post, and you’ll be fine.

3. Talk about Current Trends in Your Niche

You need to have a really good awareness about what’s going on today in your business. If your Facebook page is all about the latest Android tips, then you have to be aware of the latest updates about Android. No matter what your niche, you have to be aware about the current trends in your niche, and keep informing your audience with that information. Be the news agent for your audience. No matter how frequently you post on your Facebook page, you will never annoy your audience if you keep giving them fresh information related to your niche.

4. Make Sure People Notice Your Update

People won’t like your latest update on your Facebook page if they can’t even see it. So, make sure that people notice your update. How can you do that? You can do that by making your post looks appealing. It means that you have to include interesting images on your post that will make it stands out. You don’t want to make a post with a plain text and a link to your latest website article. Include images that can engage people and make them feel really interested in it. In this way, you’ll make them to like your post quickly.

5. Make Each Post Relevant with Your Niche

Lastly, you have to think about the relevancy of your post. What is the theme of your Facebook page? Don’t deviate from it. Don’t post things that have nothing to do with your main theme. For instance, if your page is about hair style, then you shouldn’t post about the latest disaster that you see on today’s news. It’s irrelevant, and people will not appreciate it. It can even be categorized as spamming, no matter how good the news is for you. Your audience can find such news on its appropriate places online, but not on your page, since your page is about hair style. So, make it relevant with your main theme, and if you can provide quality information that is relevant with your niche, then people will start liking it.

So, do you still have deep worry about whether people will like your next Facebook post or not? If so, you don’t need to keep worrying. Just follow the ways above to ensure that your followers will notice your post and like it. And then, hopefully, your popularity will start to take off.

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