5 Tips To Start Making Your First Affiliate Commission This Month

5 Tips To Start Making Your First Affiliate Commission This Month

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have trouble making sales in your affiliate promotion? If you you couldn’t make any affiliate sales last month, despite your efforts, then you have to think about changing your affiliate marketing strategy. Most importantly, if you are still new to this kind of business and would like to start off earning immediately, then you should definitely follow this guide. Here are 5 tips to start making your first affiliate commission this month:

1. Create a Really Compelling Landing Page

In order for you to be able to promote your affiliate product effectively, you need to create a landing page that will persuade your audience to buy that product. So, instead of sending your traffic directly to your affiliate link, you need to create an intermediary page in which you will presell your audience about the product that you are promoting. It is better for you to register your own domain name and build your own website for this purpose.

2. Do Your Promotion In Various Places

You should promote your product in as many places as possible. Do not stuck your promotion only on one platform. For instance, you shouldn’t promote your product only on YouTube. There are many other places to try in order to expand your reach. You can try submitting articles to article directories, writing guest posts, giving away free report, participate on forums, using question and answer websites, using podcasts, and so on.

3. Focus On Your Target Audience Instead Of Broader Audience

Focus your promotion mainly on your target audience. Avoid promoting to broader audience since this type of audience will not respond well to your offer. Always narrow down your niche and select your audience carefully. For instance, if you want to promote a weight loss product, you can narrow down your audience to create a more effective promotion, such as promoting the product only to women who gain weight after pregnancy.

4. Create Personal Relationship With Your Audience

The success of your affiliate promotion will be determined greatly by how well you communicate with your audience. In each of your promotion material, it is important for you to create personal relationship with your audience. Make them feel connected with you so that they can trust and follow your advice. If you regard your audience only as your sales machine, you will tend to make them ignore you. You have to appeal to their feelings and emotions as well.

5. Establish a Good Mailing List System For Your Affiliate Promotion

A good mailing list system will help you to boost your relationship with your audience. You can give your audience a free book or report that will entice them to join your mailing list. After that, give them follow-up messages to keep them interested with your offer. Once you’ve established a good relationship with your audience, promoting your affiliate product will be an easy thing to do. Use reliable email marketing service to give your mailing list a professional look.

If you follow the tips above one by one, you will be able to start making affiliate sales this month. And more importantly, you will start seeing your earnings to increase month-by-month, until you can live comfortably with your affiliate income.

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5 Steps to Add More Subscribers to Your Blog in the Next 24 Hours

5 Steps to Add More Subscribers to Your Blog in the Next 24 Hours


Connecting with your audience is not just a matter of regularly updating your blog with new content. But, it is also a matter of building good conversation with them through your mailing list. The more people subscribed to your blog mailing list, the better your relationship with your audience will be. But, unfortunately, many bloggers are having difficulties in growing their mailing list. It seems that it is very hard for them to add more subscribers to their list these days. What’s the matter? What can you do to add more people to your mailing list? Here are 5 simple tips to add more subscribers to your blog in the next 24 hours:

1. Write a Controversial Topic Now

Why do you need to write a controversial topic for your blog? That’s because it’s the kind of topic that will get the best response from your readers. You’re not writing this topic merely to start a flame war between your followers. No, you don’t write controversial topic just to provoke your readers. But, you write to attract their attention and discuss about the subject further. You can write one controversial topic today and make your readers to notice it immediately. Don’t forget that you should write this topic to encourage your readers to discuss about it further, not to push your ideas into them.

2. Ask People To Comment On Your Post

At the end of your post, you can ask people to comment on your post. Remind your readers to avoid flame wars and to comment nicely in the post. You need to moderate their comments as well to ensure that you are not publishing any bad comments in your blog. However, if you are fine with it, you can leave the comment active without your moderation. It doesn’t really matter. You just here to start a hot discussion in your blog and let your readers to participate in it.

3. Share Your Post To Social Media

Share your post in social media. This is the best way to make your post go viral. Create good headline for your social media campaign, and ask your followers to share your post and retweet it. You want to make it really go viral in the short amount of time. Ask them to join the discussion as well. Feel free to publish a YouTube video about your blog post to spread the word around even further. Now, you just need to wait for people to come to your blog.

4. Change Your Blog Subscription Box In The Sidebar

If you haven’t done so already, you have to put your blog subscription box in the sidebar area of your blog. Make sure that it is placed in the top of your sidebar. Make it look interesting. Make it look professional. You want people to see your blog subscription box in the sidebar instantly. Then, make subscribing to your blog as easy and seamless as possible. Put three important benefits of subscribing to your blog in the form of bullet points.

5. Give More Exclusive Content To Your Subscribers

Give more to your subscribers. Make your subscribers feel more important than the regular readers. Make subscribing to your blog a positive experience for all your blog readers. You need to give more exclusive content to your subscribers. Over-deliver in your promise. People will be more interested to subscribe to your blog if you can make them feel like the VIP readers of your blog. This strategy will also help you to keep your subscribers engaged with your mailing list and avoid massive unsubscription rate. This will promote healthy and steady growth of your mailing list.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to add more subscribers to your blog in the next 24 hours. And you’ll watch your mailing list to grow over time, giving you more and more profits in return.

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