Is it really possible to make a full time income by working online?

Is it really possible to make a full time income by working online?

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Not particular tips here, just a message: never give up!

If you are one of the many people, who are skeptical about earning money online, then you would be happy to know that millions of people do make substantial income by working online and you too can be a part of this league! The scope of making money online is so vast, that a suitable person can easily make a handsome stream of income online! And the amount of money that you make can easily substitute earnings of your regular 9-5 job!

This sounds easier said than done and yes, it is actually true, it is not easy to make a living online but surely it’s not impossible either! First of all, you should understand that the basic fundamentals of success are more or less the same, whether it is online or offline. If you are talented and hard working, then there is no reason why you should not do well in the online world. It may take some time to get yourself established, but struggle is a part of life and therefore, it should be accepted gracefully.

If you think that you are hard working and are still not able to get desired results, then you need to understand that certain things take their own course and you can not force them before they are due. At hard time, you need to learn to be patient. It does take time to make a name for yourself, so do not get dis-hearted if things are not going well. May be you need to readdress your work strategy and fix the shortcomings. You never know, a slight finetuning and things can start working smoothly for you.

One of the most difficult things to do online is to find regular work. For that, you need to brush up your communication skills and present yourself impressively in front of every potential client. Preparing a portfolio and lining it with your social profile would be a good idea. This way, everyone who meets you online would be able to see it and you never know, he may be looking for someone just like you or maybe he can refer a client to you.

There are thousands of people who failed miserably at their initial efforts of making money online but today, they do not only work online full time, but also make much more than what they would have made by any other way! Remember, that it’s very much possible to make a full time income on Internet and therefore, never ever lose hope and keep going till you achieve your desired target.

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Different ways of earning money online?

Different ways of earning money online?

Make Money

Earning online has never been so easy. Technology has made it possible that someone with a computer and an internet can earn substantial income online. And we are not talking about a couple of dollars here and there. We are talking about a complete substitute of your regular 9-5 job! Yes, if you are talented and committed to work hard, then it’s very much possible that you do not have to even step outside your sweet home to make a living! Here are some of the ways, by which you can earn online:

1. Rendering service in your area of expertise – If you are a writer or a programmer or are qualified in any other stream, then the best way to earn online is by start rendering your service to others. There are sites like odesk, where you can build your profile and follow the instructions which these kinds of sites regularly sends via email to find the takers of your service. Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are equally helpful in promoting yourself and of course, your service.

2. Running an online business – If you already have a business and are planning to take it online, then this is the right time for it. You will be surprised that you can increase your sales drastically by effectively using your online presence. Social networks play a crucial role here as well and a little knowledge of SEO and online promotion would also be helpful for you.

3. Affiliate Marketing – If you are good at marketing, then affiliate marketing would be the best option for you. The best thing here is that you need not to own a product to sell it. Rather, you sell other’s products and simply pocket a handsome commission on every sale. The better part is that most of the affiliate programs are eager to recruit talent marketers and you do not have to pay anything for registering with them. Sales can pay up to 75 % commission of some products (mostly digital). Apart from it physical products too pay a good commission. Sites like ClickBank, CommsionJunction, eBay , Amazon etc can do wonders to your Affiliate carrier!

Even if you do not have any particular expertise, but are hard working and ready to learn, you can still make a useful income online. You can start with smaller and less paid tasks and gradually learn the stuff which interests you and then master it. Once you make a name for yourself on the net, you will have enough work at all time and would be able to work as a freelancer.

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Formula To Achieve Success Online

Formula To Achieve Success Online

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I’m writing this article because I thought you might want to know my formula for success for my online business.

This sounds very simple and yet, it might change your whole mindset. It applies when you are building your own online business.

Throughout my journey to achieve success, I’ve encountered many people who struggled to achieve success online. Most of them ask me questions like, “how to achieve success”.

Or questions like, “how to make more money from the internet”.

What’s the formula to achieve online success?

Ok, read on and I’ll reveal it.

The formula is simple. When you are working, you must have in mind that ultimately what you want to achieve from your online business is this:

Work less, earn more.

But first, you must understand this formula in order to achieve that.

Here’s the formula:

Assuming you are working 8 hours a day, and you are getting X result (X can be any amount of money you are getting now.)

Where most people failed to achieve success is, they try to earn X + Y (Y can be any amount of extra money you want to get) without finding a way to work less first. In another words, finding a way to work less while still getting X result.

In order for you to get Y result, you should find ways to work less than 8 hours first and still be getting X result. Let’s say 6 hours.

Once you able to achieve that, only then can you consider how to find ways to get Y result.

In a nutshell,

First step:

Work 8 hours (or whatever your existing working hours are) and get X result.

Second step:

Find ways to work 6 hours and still get X result.

Third step:

Work 8 hours again but get X + Y results.

Once you achieve this, your next step is to find ways on how to achieve X + Y results by working only 6 hours instead of 8 hours. Once you find that, only than you can think about getting Z result (Z can be any amount of extra money you want to have).

So, repeat the whole process:

First step:

Work 8 hours get X + Y results.

Second step:

Find ways to work 6 hours and still get X + Y results.

Third step:

Work 8 hours again but get X + Y + Z results.

Keep on repeating this process until you get the maximum results you can get (this can be A+B+C+X+Y+Z).

At some stage, you’ll probably reach the optimum of getting the results and you can hardly earn more by working 8 hours a day.

Once you achieve this, congratulations.

Now, what you need to do is to find ways to WORK LESS but still get the same results.

So at the end, you’ll be able to WORK LESS And EARN MORE.

People fail to achieve online success because they don’t know or understand this simple formula and practice it!

This formula stressed managing your fundamentals before engaging yourself to earn more. People failed to achieve more results because they try to earn more without learning how to maintain and work less first. So, they’ll end up working more hours each day.

That’s why, you can see many people becoming more stressed when their business increases.

I’ve been practicing this formula. Each day when I work, I’ll look into my existing business and find ways to reduce the work. Once I got that, only then I’ll think on how to make more money.

So, each month, I’m making more money but working less or putting the same amount of time invested. This is how you can achieve success without getting more stress in life.

What you should be doing now is go look at your job or business and apply this formula if you want to achieve success in the long term.

Patric ‘High-Speed Marketing’ Chan Chief Marketing Strategist

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