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Best Ads Positions to Maximize your Blog Earnings

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One of the most popular ways to earn from your Blog is by placing sponsored ads on it. Although there are lots of sponsors available online, Google Adsense’s ad program is by far the most reliable and the most rewarding of all of them. Even if you have a single blog and work hard on it, it is possible that you make so much income from it, that the income generated would be good enough to make a good living for yourself!

This is not as simple as it sounds though. You have to follow Google’s guidelines while participating in Adsense program. Read their terms of service well, before you start placing Google ads on your blog. Once you have read and understood them, then you can place the ads and be patient with results. To maximize your earnings, there are a few principles that may guide you in choosing the most rewarding advertisement positions:

1. Placing text ads just after the heading of your post.
2. Placing a small rectangular image ad just after the heading of your post (choose any of the 1 or 2 which works best for you).
3. Placing text ads in between the posts.
4. Placing a large square image ad in between the posts
5. Placing large rectangle text ads at the end of the post.
6. Placing large rectangle image ads at the end of the post.
7. Placing a skyscraper at the top of the blog post.

These are some of the best positions which should give you good results. In order to check which one of them works best for you, you have to try every one of them for a certain period of time. Keep a track on the results and then you will be gradually able to discover which ad positions produce more clicks. Once you are confident about the best ads positions – those that are generating more revenues – you have found the best layout for your blog and you can make it permanent.An important point to remember here is that the ads will only make you money if the overall quality of your blog is good. Your blog should have useful content and should serve the motive of its niche. Even if its a general blog, your content should be of high authority. This will not only make your blog reputable with the time, but will also improve your earnings on every click! Great content along with right ads positions will do wonders to your Adsense earnings!

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