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Making A Product That Can Be Actually Sold

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Many marketers have developed their own goods or purchased those they believed would be popular, and in their enthusiasm, they have set up everything from sales materials to websites to drive traffic. The “sellability” of the product, however, is the one thing that many of these marketers have overlooked that will have the greatest impact on the sales of their products.

The demand for the product is the most crucial consideration when you start developing items or purchasing the rights to sell a certain product. Do consumers desire your product? Spending a month developing a product, setting up the website, and learning the necessary sales skills, just to discover that nobody even bats an eye at your offering, is just silly.

Delivering the product to your client and obtaining payment from him or her are your ultimate objectives. You must first ensure that your buyer wants to purchase your product in order to accomplish this. How can you tell whether they’re interested in your product? Simple. Ask! Consult relevant forums for your industry. Conduct a public poll or survey. You can communicate with almost anyone in the world who has access to the Internet since it’s a level playing field.

Imagine you come up with the bright idea of writing a step-by-step guide on how to prepare Malaysian food. You must first ascertain whether anyone is interested in (or has even heard of) Malaysian cuisine. In order to do this, visit a forum devoted to food and politely inquire as to whether anyone would be interested in studying Malaysian cuisine. If you explicitly ask if anyone would be interested in purchasing an ebook with recipes for Malaysian food, you run the risk of being accused of spamming.

To test the waters, you may distribute a few examples of your Malaysian recipes and see how the forum users respond to them. You have a market in this if they demonstrate an honest enthusiasm to learn more. If they don’t express any interest, it’s time to find a new product to advertise. Long-term time savings result from not having to discover the poor demand for your goods the hard way.

You can go ahead and put together your comprehensive booklet on making Malaysian food if your concept is well-received by the forum users you polled. There is a need for the knowledge you have. You can easily create demand for your product where there is interest, and when desire is combined with effective promotion, purchases will come quickly!

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