5 Advantages Of Writing SEO Articles For Your Affiliate Marketing Business

5 Advantages Of Writing SEO Articles For Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing

What is SEO article? SEO article is an article that is written specifically to rank well in the search engines. It is written with the search engine optimization in mind, without neglecting about the audience’s satisfaction. It is usually written based on the keywords that you target and want to rank well in the search engine. How can SEO article benefit your affiliate promotion? Here are 5 advantages of writing SEO articles for your affiliate marketing business:

1. Boost Your Traffic For Free

SEO article is a good traffic booster because this article is made to rank high in the search engine result for your targeted keywords. Once the article is ranked high, you can be sure that consistent traffic will come to your website via the search engines. And remember, this traffic is free for as long as you maintain your high position in the search engine. If you want to get thousands of additional visitors for your website, this is the best way to do it.

2. Build Good Reputation On Your Niche

The more traffic you attract, the better your website reputation will be. Your website traffic rank is reflected in your Alexa rank, and the higher your Alexa rank, the more reputable your website will be perceived. So, SEO article can help you to build good reputation for your website, especially within your niche. The more people know your website as a reputable website within your niche, the more people will trust your website and follow your recommendation.

3. Save Money On Traffic

Buying traffic through various means can cost you thousands of dollars of additional expenses for your affiliate promotion. This is often unnecessary, and even dangerous, especially for new affiliate marketers. SEO article is a good way to save money on traffic because you won’t buy your traffic, but instead you will attract your traffic through organic search engine positioning. If you can save money on traffic, you’ll get bigger profit margin for your affiliate promotion.

4. Dominate Your Niche Easily

Dominating your niche is an important step to succeed in your affiliate marketing business. Once you’re able to dominate your niche, everything will be easy. Once you’re able to build your expert status, your audience will listen to you and follow your recommendation. They will choose your website over many websites that are offering the same type of information. Writing SEO article for your affiliate business will help you to dominate your niche easily.

5. More Conversion And Sales For Your Affiliate Product

The more traffic that you get, the more conversion and sales that you’ll get for your affiliate product. Additionally, you can do your split testing for your landing page even more easily because you already have the traffic to test. This will help you to improve your conversion rate further. By writing SEO article, you can target the keywords that your audience is typing into the search engine, which will allow you to connect directly with them and therefore generate more sales from your affiliate promotion.

So, knowing the advantages of SEO article, it is very important for you to start writing some SEO articles for your website or landing page in order to succeed in your affiliate marketing business.

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Huge Content Rich Websites for Profit

Huge Content Rich Websites for Profit

Make Money

Here is the bare bone – no hype information and a link to the website I built using these techniques. So I not going to lie to you about how much money you can make or how much I made. Simply put, people are making money with these kinds of sites, I just want a piece of the action. This article assumes you have a basic knowledge of HTML, Google Adsense, and Affiliate Advertising.

We’ve all heard the phrases “Content is King” and “If content is King, then relevance is Queen!”. So I’m going to share with you how to build a site based on these principles for profit! I built a 1000+ page content rich website in about 2 days. Check it out at

Website Building tools:

I used DreamWeaver as my html editor. Any good html editor will work such as Frontpage. Go to and search for “html editor”. Coffeecup is a very popular free editor. Basically you need a good editor that will update links sitewide automatically. Give you reports on broken links, and do search and replace sitewide, file specific, and etc… Also very important is a good table building capability.

For the content I pulled articles from various free content sites. As long as you adhere to the terms of fair use, you will have access to thousands of content rich articles that you can put in your own website.

Get a simple clipart cd with 150,000 royalty free images from Bestbuy for $20.

Then plug in your affiliate codes for google adsense, clickbank, and commission junction.

You don’t have to be an html expert. Just having some basic programming knowledge is enough. For example, understanding head, body, and building tables. Inserting variables and doing global changes. Any good html editor will help with that. You really need to become an expert at building tables. They are fast loading and can really make an impact on a site. If you are into css, even better!

Key Features for SEO: Keyword Rich and Relevant!

Building with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. Use these techniques when building your site!

Niche Site: Pick a very specific topic. I chose “Making Money Online with Content Rich Sites” for this example.

Use a simple structure. Index page to “Index of Articles”. Then “Index of Articles” to each individual article page. Two levels, easy to manage, easy to spider!

Make your site surfer friendly: No hidden pages, redirects, pop-ups, spyware, java, or scripts. Just use “.html” files with text links to full text content rich pages which are also easily spidered with useful relevant information for the visitor. Include lots of articles including a few unique pages that you have written yourself.

Now start building your basic template for all the pages on your site. How you build your template will greatly depend on what editor and tools you’ll be using. For example: most times you’ll do something like Huge Content Rich Websites for Profit. When you go to build your 1000+ page site, the editor will replace the title tag with the appropriate text dynamically.

Title Tag and Description Tags and all other meta tags should be relevant and keyword rich.

Page Title
– Use relevant keywords on each index page to the articles
– Use the article title which will have additional relevant keywords for each article page.

H1 Tags – Keyword rich and relevant ex: “Make Money Online”, “Home Based Business”

H2 Tags – Use the article title in the article pages. ex: “10 Ways To Make Money Online”

robot.txt file for spiders – just a simple two line file in your root directory
User-agent: *

Body text – Use content rich articles. Also use high color contrast between the text and the background so the search engine doesn’t think your trying to hide anything and penalize you. Plus it’s just plain easier to read. Use arial or verdana font.

URLs, File Names, and Directories – use the article title

Inbound links: Set up link partners. If you can, have them place the link to your site using a keyword instead of the domain name itself. ex: Make Money Online Click Here.

Outbound links: Do the same for your link partners. Set up links using text that is relevant to their topic which should be relevant to your site but not competing if possible. If you sell computers, link to a company that sells computer desks.

Make same site links with relevant text. ex: “make money at home” will link to a page within your own site.

Make Image alt text use primary keywords. ex: “money online”

Add HTML comment tags that use primary keywords. These are not seen buy the surfer, but can be seen by search engine spiders. No one has proven this helps, but it doesn’t hurt!

Now add money making adsense and affiliate links on every page. Put them top center between the article title and article content. Adjust the colors so that it blends in with your web page content.

Google adsense will pick up the page title, h1 and h2 tags to target the ad. When someone clicks on it, you get paid!.

Once you have these basic things set up in your template, you can use a powerful Article Submitter Software. You can follow this link to find one. With a little practice, you’ll be able to build 1000+ page websites in just a day or two.

Another important thing you can do: Add dynamic RSS content by keyword. I’ll follow up on this in my next article.


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