5 Ways to Turn Your Old Content into Powerful Marketing Tools for Your Blog

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When did you start your blog? Chances are, if you have a blog that is more than 3 years old, you already have a fairly big archive of old content in your blog. If that content is no longer bringing traffic to your blog, don’t worry. You don’t need to delete it, nor do you need to keep it sitting in your blog archive without producing any additional traffic. You can certainly use that old content to your advantage. You will turn it into your new traffic building arsenal. Here are 5 brilliant ways to turn your old content into powerful marketing tools for your blog:

1. Add a New Part to Your Content

Adding a new part to your content is useful to give additional information to your readers regarding a topic that you’ve written in the past. And you can use this method more effectively toward old content that was popular in the past. In this way, you will give the old content its popularity back, along with fresh content that will give even more insights regarding the topics that are being talked about. Also, it is useful if you want to update the information that is already outdated, expired, or no longer relevant.

2. Relive the Ideas in Your Old Content and Republish New Article as Guest Post

You can pick the ideas in your old post and use those ideas as the basic ideas for your next post, only at this time, you are going to publish this post as a guest post. Why don’t you publish that new post on your own blog? That’s because since you’ll be writing about similar content in your blog, it is better for you to diversify your content rather than to fill your blog with repeated information that will make your readers feel bored. Also, it will give you a good boost in search engine ranking, if you can create valuable content and publish it in a popular blog.

3. Transform Your Old Content into a Different Media

There are many ways to transform your old content into a different media. You can simply turn it into a podcast, a video, a slideshow, an infographics, or a PDF document. Then, what will you do with that newly-transformed content? What you will do is to share it in the respective channel that is suitable for each media. You will put your video on YouTube, your podcast on iTunes, your slideshow on SlideShare, your infographics on Pinterest, and so on. You simply re-purpose your old content and then use it to promote your blog.

4. Share Your Old Content to Social Media with a Label “Featured Post of the Week”

You can also share your old content to your social media pages with a label “Featured Post Of The Week” or any other label that will attract the attention of your audience. By putting that kind of label, you will make this post special, and people will automatically feel interested in reading it. This is a good way to attract traffic back to your old post. This is also a good opportunity for you to encourage your followers to share your content. In this way, your blog popularity will increase.

5. Link to Your Old Content from Your Newest Post

The last tip would be to create a new content and put “Related Post” links to your post, which will send your readers to your old content. Of course, the links should be relevant and it shouldn’t be random. Please note that it is not the same as putting Related Post plugin into your blog to have your related posts appearing automatically. You will put the links manually, as your personal recommendation for your readers. Remember to pick the best links that your readers will enjoy reading.

When you follow the tips above, you will be able to use your old content to your advantage. So, instead of letting no one read your old content, you’ll start promoting it again or turn it into a different media and use it to promote your blog.

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