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8 Effective Tips That Small Business Websites Can Use To Increase Profits

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Social media has created a frenzy in the business world with people seeking likes, retweets, followers and hits. The truth is the facts out there about how to run a small business using social media are mostly twisted. As a small business owner, you do not just need an enormous amount of likes on Facebook. There is the higher need to gain real customers and increase your profits. Here are some of the best online practices proven to increase your profits.

Use videos to show the charming personality of your business

The internet gives you a wide range of potential clients to choose from. Your major selling point as a small business owner is your charming personality. Use simple videos on your website with ‘how to’ or ‘this is what my company does’ messages. This allows users visiting your site to understand your brand and trust you as a service provider. Alternatively, you can have testimonial videos from previous clients and all you need is a simple, clear camera to get started.

Provide your contacts as widely as possible

You limit your potential base of clients from easily reaching you when you hide your contact information. On the other hand, when you promote it on your website and emails, you make clients identify you as an available person that they can call or email for advice. When you give out more advice, it is more likely than not that you are reaping in more business.

Have a great static homepage

This is the first place that your potential clientele will likely visit. Ensure that your homepage is well designed, has all the relevant information about who you are and what you do. Instead of using the traditional blog format for your homepage, go with a static page so that you can fill it up with awesome copy for your business.

Focus on quality content marketing

What converts people from visitors on your site to clients is the information you give them. Instead of focusing on the number of times you publish material on social media in a day, focus on the quality of the material published. Reduce frequency and increase quality to see higher conversion rates.

Easy browsing

Poor web design is a great weakness you should avoid at all costs. Make the page easy to navigate, have high loading speed and use familiar tag names. A new user moving around your website should find it easy to find items and read information so make it user friendly for them.

Share links going out to similar businesses

Linking with other local businesses makes you seem, to a client, like a well-networked business in touch with the rest of the community. A user shopping for living room furniture would be interested in a site offering moving services or a hardware shop. Do not be afraid that traffic will be deviated from your website but focus on forming solid and worthy partnerships with other local businesses.

Have direct messages and calls-to-action

Do not give information only without directing users to what they can do with that information. Have easy calls-to-action that people can click on when they want to buy a product, book an appointment, call for consulting, reserve a date and so forth.

Assure clients of your trustworthiness

The most important thing is showing clients that you are a credible service provider. You can use a video or highlight an e-book you have published. Anything that shows you are an expert on the matter can work. Ensure that whatever you display, whether an e-book, video or link, positions you as a person good at your job.

As a small business owner, you want to ensure that you actually get a healthy ROI for your website efforts, so stay away from the long talk about what might work or all those conventional practices, and start using what actually works!

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