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5 Tools to Beat Your Competition and Succeed in Social Media

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Social media is tough. There are too many players in it. Thousands upon thousands of business owners rush into social media to promote their business. Hundreds of them have similar business with you. They can potentially become your hardcore competitors if you don’t manage your social media strategy carefully. Marketing in social media can be a difficult feat for some business owners. But, by using the right tools, you can go on and achieve success in it regardless of the competition. You just need to know the tools that you need to use. Here are 5 awesome tools to beat your competition and help your business succeed in social media:

1. Hootsuite: Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Hootsuite will eliminate all the hassles of managing multiple social media accounts for your business. If you need more than 5 social media accounts to manage, it doesn’t make sense for you to login to each of your account manually. It will waste most of your time. With this tool, you will be able to integrate your social media accounts into one dashboard that you can monitor at the same time. You can see your timelines and respond to any comment in one simple place.


2. Edgerank Checker: Analyze Your Social Media Marketing Progress

Monitor your social media posts in real time with Edgerank Checker. This tool helps you to analyze your performance in social media. There will be a score assigned for each post that you make in social media, based on how your followers react toward that post. Then, this tool will give you insights about what to do next to make your post more impactful in your social media page. Now, you can stop using the basic social media analytic tool that doesn’t give as much valuable analytical information as this tool.


3. Argyle Social: Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Followers

Argyle Social helps you to track your social media marketing effectiveness in terms of the conversion and profit that it generates for you. Yes, this tool will help you to find out your real conversion rate for your social media content, so that you can keep on polishing the way you market your product on social media. Also, this tool will help you to build better content for your audience and strengthen your relationship with your followers.


4. Swayy: Find Valuable Content and Share Them on Social Media

With Swayy, you can find the best articles or content that are being shared on social media. You will find out the content that gets the most raving comments and high amount of likes in social media. This alone can inspire you to create similar content that will create similar impact in your social media page. But, the awesomeness of this tool doesn’t end there. You can also share those content to your followers in a click of a button. In this way, you will stay in touch with the latest trends in your niche and your followers will always be happy to follow you on social media.


5. Trackur: The Sentiment Analysis that Your Brand Needs

Protecting your brand in social media is very important for your business. Once your brand name is ruined in social media, it may bring down your profit to a high percentage. So, be careful and always analyze how people react toward your brand in social media. Trackur will help you to do that. With its unrivaled sentiment analysis tool, you’ll be able to monitor how your audience talks about your brand, and assess whether your brand is in good, neutral, or bad reputation. It’s a handy tool that every business owner needs in order to protect their brand in social media.


With those tools, you are armed heavily in your social media marketing battle. You’ll be able to progress better in social media, better than most of your competitors. It will give you an upper hand over most of your competitors that don’t use any specialized tool in their social media campaign.

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