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7 Types Of Video You Can Create To Promote Amazon Products On YouTube

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YouTube is the best video marketing platform to promote Amazon products. It is fairly easy to get viewers on YouTube, and you can easily send them to your Amazon affiliate links using link cloaking service, and your affiliate promotion will bring you thousands of dollars of commission quickly. Here are 7 types of video you can create to promote Amazon products on YouTube:

1. Create An Unboxing Video

Unboxing video is a video that will walk you through the process of unboxing your brand-new product. People enjoy this type of video and it creates a kind of excitement toward the product. If the product is good enough and you’ve bought it for yourself, don’t just use your product right away. You can create an unboxing video for your product and share the excitement with your audience.

2. Create a Tutorial Video

You can create a tutorial video about the product that you promote. For instance, if you are buying a new Lego toy from Amazon and want to promote it on YouTube, you can create a tutorial video about how to assemble the Lego pieces on your video. This type of tutorial video will make people want to do it for themselves. In other words, it will motivate them to buy the product after watching your video.

3. Create a Video Containing Tips Related To Your Product

Another way to promote Amazon products on YouTube is to create a video containing tips related to the product that you promote. For instance, if you want to promote a coffee maker product, you can create a tips video about how to keep the product clean. In this video, you’ll show your viewers about how to clean the product after you use it.

4. Create a Review Video

In this video, you are giving your personal review about the product that you are promoting. It is quite easy to create because you basically just say about what you think regarding the product. The way you communicate your feeling about the product matters most in determining whether people will follow your recommendation or not.

5. Create a Troubleshooting Video

In this type of video, you are going to help your audience to solve the problems related to the product that you are promoting. Most products will always have a problem associated with them. After some time, the problem will start to appear and you will need a way to fix it. You will show the way to fix various problems related to the product to your audience. This will help to clear your audience’s resistance from buying the product.

6. Create a How-To Video About The Product

A how-to video is a kind of video that will be watched very often by your audience. It can also go viral quickly, if you are doing good how-to presentation in your video. You can cover various topics in your video, from the way to use your product properly to the way to fix the problem when it appears. Just create lots of how-to videos and people will slowly begin to develop interest toward the product that you promote.

7. Create a Video To Showcase The Product Feature

Sometimes, a product feature can’t be described merely by using words. You need to demonstrate those features. For instance, if a product claims to be waterproof (which is a feature), then you have to showcase this feature to your audience. You can create a video that will showcase the waterproof feature of this product and tell them how it works.

So, you can promote Amazon products using various types of video above. Pick the ones that interest you the most, and start creating your original video today. Put your cloaked Amazon affiliate link in your product description and make your video go viral. You’ll be able to generate sales like crazy.

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