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How to Promote Clickbank Products Using PPC

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If done correctly, Pay Per Click, or PPC is one of the most successful ways to promote affiliate items. Many people will advertise Clickbank items through article marketing, others through strong SEO strategies, and some through blogging, but those that actually make a lot of money promoting Clickbank affiliate products usually do so using Pay Per Click. Continue reading to discover the secrets to the success of affiliate marketers who use PPC.

Secret #1: Selecting the Best Product to Promote

You want to advertise high-converting products with a high commission payout. To identify a well-paying, high-converting product, look for one with a gravity score of at least 20. Interesting new items may enter the market, but their gravity will begin at zero, and you should leave these alone because you don’t know how well they will convert, and if they don’t convert well, you may lose a lot of money testing them.

Don’t be too concerned about the competition. Even though a product has a lot of competition, there is no reason why you can’t be successful with it. It won’t necessarily be a problem if you work smarter and harder than your rivals.

However, when first starting out, you may wish to stick with products that have less competition; these are the products with gravity scores ranging from 20 to 50.

Secret #2 – Be Unique

To be successful with PPC, you must be unique and avoid all of the ‘big’ keyword terms that have far too much competition. Although product competition isn’t a major issue, keyword competition is. For example, if you are offering a product in the weight loss sector, using PPC ads for the term ‘weight loss’ will result in commission PPC suicide since there is simply too much competition. Try phrases like ‘Using Treadmills for Weight Loss’ or ‘Fat Loss by Jogging’ instead.

You want to seek keyword phrases for which you can get a high-ranking PPC ad for a reasonable cost – preferably less than $.20 cents per click. If the product you are promoting is in a less competitive niche, you should be able to locate a lot of keyword phrases to employ; however, if your product is in a more competitive niche, finding those wonderful keyword phrases will be more challenging.

You only need to look at the product from a different perspective than others. Look for a keyword term that people will search for but not a lot of people will advertise for.

Secret #3: Monitor your PPC campaign

When you first begin using Pay Per Click, you may lose money before making any. This is typical, and even the biggest gurus will lose money at first with a fresh PPC campaign.

People frequently give up when they lose money, which is why they will never be successful with PPC. Those who are successful will not give up, but will instead alter their advertising and landing pages and continue to make improvements until their click-through rate and conversion rates increase. Even if they lose money at first, as they make a few changes here and there and increase their click-through rates and conversion rates, they will quickly make that money back and much more. They will soon have a campaign that makes them money on autopilot.

You must diligently track your campaigns, using only one keyword per ad group so that you can track how each term performs.

Secret #4: Use a variety of PPC networks

When you first begin with Pay Per Click, you should use the Google Ads network. Use only Google and no other content or partner networks. Track your conversions and click-through rates on Google, and if you have a campaign that is performing effectively, expand to the partner network.

Once you’ve established a profitable campaign, you can replicate it in other Pay Per Click programs such as Yahoo Advertising.

After you’ve established your campaign with existing PPC networks, you can go on to content networks. Because a content network is less targeted and does not convert as well as other networks, you must be profitable with the other networks first before moving on to a content network.


The most important thing to remember when promoting a Clickbank affiliate product via PPC is to select a high-converting product with substantial commissions. Then, be creative and try to look at the product from a different perspective than most marketers do. Keep thorough track of your campaigns and keep modifying them until you get results. Begin with Google Ads and, once profitable, move on to the other PPC networks. You should be able to develop a nice solid business by promoting affiliate products utilizing Pay Per Click if you follow these tips.

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